An Important Update to our very Valued Customers:

First, we would like to sincerely apologize for our long delay. Unfortunately, our plant maintenance and repairs have both taken far longer than was originally anticipated. We are diligently addressing the work that is required to get up and running. Please note that during this time, our office, production and shipping departments will not be open or available. Presently, although we do not have an official re-opening date, we do anticipate re-opening sometime after January 2, 2019.

For all of you who may be reading this, it is important for you to know that Perma-Type has NOT closed its doors and the Company has definitely NOT been sold. We will keep you informed as time progresses.

** We are still in business**

The Perma-Type Co.

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Manufacturers of Quality Industrial and Medical Rubber Products

Special Over-Run on Inflatable Bladders
Inflatable Pipe Plugs / Inflatable Bungs   Inflatable Bladders

Inflatable Pipe Plugs


Inflatable Bladders

Inflatable Pipe Plugs for oil and gas pipelines and FME (Foreign Material Exclusion) usage. Manufactured from Natural Rubber or Nitrile (Buna-N).
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  Industrial and Medical Inflatable Bladders. Available in any type of rubber.  Custom fabrications available.
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Rubber Bulbs   Special Effects for Bladders Hand Pumps

Rubber Bulbs


Special Effects Bladders & Hand Pumps

Rubber bulbs with plastic, push-button air release valve or metal, turn-type air flow control valve. Available in Latex, Neoprene, & PVC. 
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Motion Picture Industry Bladders, Hand Pumps and Other Products · Television · Theater
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Rubber Bulbs

Inflation Valves

Inflation Valves Option
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We are proud to provide the highest quality products combined with low prices, fast delivery, a large inventory, and toll-free ordering. Our friendly, courteous, and professional staff is always ready to answer your inquiries.

Manufacturers of inflatable pipe plugs, bungs, expansion plugs, purge plugs, duct plugs, piping isolation products for applications including: global oil and gas, power generation, nuclear power, hydroelectric, steam and gas turbines, chemical plants, refineries, petrochemical & pipeline, pipe repair & maintenance, FME (Foreign Material Exclusion), Foreign Object Damage, Foreign Object Debris (FOD products), industrial safety, environmental, mining, welding pulp and paper, as well as the marine and offshore industries.

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