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Inflatable Pipe Plugs / Inflatable Bungs   Inflatable Bladders

Inflatable Pipe Plugs


Inflatable Bladders

Inflatable Pipe Plugs for oil and gas pipelines and FME (Foreign Material Exclusion) usage. Manufactured from Natural Rubber or Nitrile (Buna-N).
  Industrial and Medical Inflatable Bladders. Available in Natural Rubber • Nitrile (Buna-N)
Latex • Neoprene.
Custom fabrications available.


Heat Shield Sleeve

Heat Shield Sleeve



Inflatable Plugs for Air Ducts   Lumbar Bladders

Inflatable Plugs for Ductwork


Lumbar Bladders

For F.M.E. (Foreign Material Exclusion) or Air Ducts
(Rectangular or Square) 
Rubber Bulbs   Industrial Rubber Bands /

Rubber Bulbs


Industrial Rubber Bands / Belts

Rubber bulbs with plastic, push-button air release valve or metal, turn-type air flow control valve. Available in Latex and Neoprene.

Special Effects for Bladders Hand Pumps

Special Effects Bladders & Hand Pumps

for Motion Pictures • Television • Theatre

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